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Freshest Plants In Central Texas

To provide you the best pricing and freshest plants, we keep it simple.

You only have to do two things, plan ahead and save money.  

How does it Work?

All plant and landscape products are available to purchase online only. Order all the plants and materials you want & choose your FREE Curbside Pickup or Delivery* time.  

 Click here to learn when your plants will be ready.

Once we receive your order, our Texas Growers will bring your plants from their farm directly to Lawns of Texas, providing you the freshest plant material in Texas.

There is a minimum plant order of $100

Don't see what you are looking for? Keep checking back! Our inventory is updated every week.

*Delivery fees apply.  **Plant installation fees apply.

Need a gift or special occasion ideas?!

Great for when you want a new look to your flower beds each season.

Daylily Ruby Red.jpg

Plants that bloom each year.

Rose Ducher.jpg

Used as backdrops, to define beds, for privacy, and to add interest to various seasons.

Golden Globes.jpg

Used on slopes where mowing may be difficult.

Image by C A C T U S _ C A M I L A

Both of these thrive in low-water environments. Great as low-maintenance plants.

Grass Muhly Pink.jpg

Beautiful grasses and color throughout the year.

Bird Of Paradise.jpg

Uses broad-leaf plants for a lush and tropical look.

Image by Ismael Reis

Shade pools and balconies, offer privacy, and highlight flower beds.

Peach La Feliciana.jpg

Great for when you want a new look to your flower beds each season.

Star Jasmine.jpg

Cover unattractive fences or walls, provide color, and “roof” an arbor.

Redbud Texas.jpg

Used for shade, privacy, and emphasis. We carry a wide selection of trees including large ones.


Can be used for filling and delivering mulch, gravel, topsoil, and more, making it easy to unload.



  • Granular Fertilizers

  • Liquid Fertilizers

  • Bio Inoculants

  • and more...

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