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Pomegranate Compact

Dwarf form of the increasingly popular shrub with all the same qualities. It has a dense, compact habit and produces orange-red flowers followed by small red fruit. Tolerates heat and humidity and grows well in most any soil. Works well in border plantings or can be grown in containers. Requires 150 chilling hours.

Pomegranate Compact

  • 3 gallon
  • Botanical Name Malus 'Anna'
    Exposure Full Sun
    Height x Width 15-20' H x 15-20' W
    Water Water regularly until established and frequently in extreme heat.
    Zones Zones 4-10
    Fertilization Feed with an all-purpose fertilizer in early spring and again in late summer. Follow label instructions.
    Pruning Apples need little pruning. Remove broken or damaged limbs for a nice appearance. As the tree matures, remove crossing branches.
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