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Palm Dwarf Palmetto

Very slow-growing, low, rugged palm has large blue-green, fan-shaped leaves that rise from underground roots. It is native to wet, swampy soils but once established, will tolerate drought. Clusters of flowers and fruits add to its appeal. Good for mass plantings or containers.tion

Deep burgundy leaves with wide, scalloped green edges and a hot pink stripe in the center. Great in containers or planted in masses.

Palm Dwarf Palmetto

  • 7 gallon
  • Botanical Name Sabal minor
    Exposure Full Sun
    Height x Width 4-5' H x 4-5' W
    Water Water as needed to keep soil moist.
    Zones Zones 8-11
    Fertilization Fertilize in spring and midsummer with a plant food especially for palms.
    Pruning Little pruning is needed. Remove damaged or yellowing fronds as needed.
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