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Ligustrum Waxleaf

Texanum is easily pruned into a topiary, small or formal hedge. This selection features a densely branched habit with thick glossy foliage and produces clusters of white blooms in late spring. A very popular and useful shrub for the foundation planting also consider using this hardy evergreen for hedge, screen or windbreaks.

Ligustrum Waxleaf

  • 3 gallon
  • Botanical Name Rosa Celestial Nights�
    Exposure Full Sun
    Height x Width 4-5' H x 4-5' W
    Water Water regularly until established. Water more during periods of high temperatures.
    Zones Zones 5-9
    Fertilization Feed in spring and summer with a fertilizer specifically designed for roses. Follow label directions.
    Pruning Remove spent flowers. May be cut back by 1/3 during winter for a compact growth habit the following summer."
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