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Fern Foxtail

The bright green fluffy foliage spikes add unusual textural contrast to perennial beds, borders and mixed containers. Long, plume-like stems hold soft, needle-like leaves. Meyers develops red berries in fall. A popular choice for hanging baskets and containers but works equally well when planted in mass or used as an edging plant.

Fern Foxtail

  • Flat of 12
  • Botanical Name Acanthus mollis
    Exposure Sun to Partial Shade
    Height x Width 3' H x 3' W
    Water Water regularly or more frequently in extreme heat.
    Zones Zones 7-10
    Fertilization Fertilize in spring with a well balanced fertilizer. Follow label instructions.
    Pruning Remove spent flowers to prolong blooming. Little pruning is generally needed.
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