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Apple Fuji

Very popular apple variety that offers medium-sized, yellow fruit with red stripes that is great for fresh eating or cooking. Mid to late season. Full size fruit on this dwarf tree. Apples can be mixed with other fruiting trees to create a home orchard and do best when planted with other apple varieties. Requires 350-400 chilling hours.

Apple Fuji

  • 15 gallon
  • Botanical Name Malus 'Anna'
    Exposure Full Sun
    Height x Width 15-20' H x 15-20' W
    Water Water regularly until established and frequently in extreme heat.
    Zones Zones 4-10
    Fertilization Feed with an all-purpose fertilizer in early spring and again in late summer. Follow label instructions.
    Pruning Apples need little pruning. Remove broken or damaged limbs for a nice appearance. As the tree matures, remove crossing branches.
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