Residential & Commercial Lawn Care Services

Travis Clark’s Lawns of Texas was created to provide the best lawn care service in Central Texas. We take pride in providing the best service in the area. This starts with always speaking live with our customer service representatives and not an answering machine.

Hassle Free Lawn Care Services Anyone Can Afford

Unfortunately, its not always easy to keep your yard or property beautiful. That’s why Travis Clark’s Lawns of Texas provides lawn care for residential and commercial properties. We make sure your lawn gets exactly the treatment it needs all year long.

Our standard service includes mowing the entire property, edging along all sidewalks and drives, linetrimming around trees, flower beds and fences. When we are finished, we use the blowers to clean all drives and sidewalks from the cuttings. Our machines are top of the line commercial mowers that give a professional cut to your grass and mulch the clippings.

Travis Clark’s Lawns of Texas is a professional company focused exclusively on lawn care maintenance for residential and commercial properties. We are family owned by Baylor Alumni.

Travis has provided years of excellent service in the insurance and financial services industry. Now, he is taking that same level of service to the lawn care industry.