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Lawns of Texas

Lawns of Texas offers all of the products and services you need to keep your property looking lush, green, and healthy all year long for Commercial & Residential Properties.

Experience why Lawns of Texas is truly

“A cut above the rest”.

Green Garden

Need a gift or special occasion ideas?!


Lawns of Texas Wholesale Nursery offers the LARGEST selection of plants in Central Texas!
SAVE UP TO 20% compared to local nurseries.

FREE Curbside Pickup or Delivery.*

Plants come direct from the growers and are never sitting on our lots exposed to the elements.

Commercial Landscapers Save 30% or MORE!

Start Saving NOW!

Lawns of Texas vs Local Nursery

Lawns of Texas

  • Save up to 20% compared to local nurseries

  • Commercial Client Discount 30%

  • Order online on you phone, tablet or computer 

  • Get the plants you want fresh from our Texas Growers

  • Add some mulch, rock, weedmat & more

  • FREE Curbside Pickup - never get out of your car or

  • Delivery straight to your door!

Local Nursery

  • Cost up to 20% more than Lawns of Texas

  • You drive around from nursery to nursery looking for what you want only to never find it nor the right amounts

  • Choices limited to their inventory, no custom ordering available

  • Available plants have been sitting on that property for months, exposed to extreme cold/hot temperatures weakening health

  • NO Curbside Pickup or Delivery Available

  • Commercial Client Discount only 10%

Plan your weekend project in advance, save money and pickup curbside or delivery*.  
If you decide later that you want to spend quality time with your family and friends, just let us know and we can install them for you**!

*Delivery fees apply.  **Plant installation fees apply.

Irrigation (Sprinkler) Services

Our irrigation department has over 24 years of licensed Commercial and Residential experience. We custom design the most efficient irrigation systems in Central Texas and know how to properly diagnose and repair your problem.  That’s why we provide an industry leading 18 month warranty.

Call today or click now to schedule your FREE estimate and meet with one of our Professional Estimators.

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 4.28.41 PM.png


Quick diagnosis of issue and prompt repair.

irr online mgt.jpg

Online Management

Residential Properties

Commercial Properties

Athletic Facilities

Irrigation Design.jpg


Residential, Commercial & Athletic Custom Designs

Image by Jp Valery

Efficiency Audit

How efficient is your current irrigation system?

Irr Install.jpg


All Irrigation Installations are backed with our industry leading warranty.

18 months.png

18 Month


Industry Leading

Irrigation Warranty

Landscape Design & Installation

Does your landscape need a new look or do you need a completely new design?
Lawns of Texas takes a different approach than most landscape companies, saving you precious time and money.  Our designers will personally meet with you on your property to complete a Landscape Design Questionnaire(LSQ) for your project.  Our LSQ is designed to find your needs, wants and desires for you property, then present that to you with a 3D rendition!  We design what you want, not the what designer wants.

Our Landscape Designs are FREE when you use Lawns of Texas for the installation.  One of the biggest benefits of having LOT install your design, we have our own wholesale nursery, saving you money on all of the plants you want installed. 

Call today or click now to schedule your FREE estimate and meet with one of our Professional Estimators.

Modern Office Building



Designs with 3D

Pictures & Video

Brick house


12 months.png



12 Month


Property Maintenance & Management

No matter what size your property is, Lawns of Texas has you covered.  We maintain properties as large as 750 acres to as little as 10,000 square feet.  From Universities to small houses, we maintain it all.   Our Professional Estimators will create one of our custom management programs to fit your properties’ needs within your budget.

Try our new FLEX Landscape Management Agreement

Call today or click now to schedule your FREE estimate and meet with one of our Professional Estimators.



Professional Services to maintain your properties needs.



Weekly Services for all of your property needs.


FLEX Landscape Management Agreement

FLEX agreements allow you to substitute other services to improve your property during periods of drought!

Fertilization, Aeration & Outdoor Pest Control

Not all plants and soils are created equally, especially in Texas.

Our Fertilization, Aeration & Outdoor Pest Control is created specifically for Texas Properties.  We provide both Organic and Non-Organic solutions to fit your needs.  

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 4.29.39 PM.png

Custom Turf


Choose between our

Premium, Re-Establish or Ultimate Turf Program

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 4.38.56 PM.png

Organic Solutions

Want Organic, we have it.

We offer

Microlife Organic Products created for Texas Plants & Soils.


Lawn Aeration

Describe the item and include any relevant details. Click to edit the text.

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 4.42.21 PM.png

Mosquito Control

Not only do our treatments kill mosquitos, it also kills fleas, ticks, chiggers & more...


Fungus & Disease


Organic & Non-Organic

solutions for your turf & plants


Shrub & Tree


Get brighter blooms & healthier plants while fighting fungus & diseases.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting.jpg

Landscape lighting is one of the easiest ways to show the beauty of your house and landscape, while providing extra security by illuminating dark areas.  We custom design your landscape lighting based off of your needs and always allow expansion of more lights in the future.  Lawns of Texas only uses Lifetime Warranty LED lights so you never need to worry about bulb maintenance in the future.  

Call today or click now to schedule your FREE estimate and meet with one of our Professional Estimators.

Stormwater Solutions

Stormwater Lawns of Texas_edited.jpg

Storm water buildup can easily damage your house, landscape and more.  Proper drainage is vital.  There is not always a simple answer, but Lawns of Texas has the experience to give you the proper solution.  Our estimators use lasers to measure the grade of your property to find any problem areas and provide you with the custom solution to standing or rising water.  Sometimes its as simple as letting a property owner know they just need rain gutters to solve the issue.  That’s right…we may come out for FREE and give you a solution that may not include our services.  

Call today or click now to schedule your FREE estimate and meet with one of our Professional Estimators.


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