To keep your garden weed free without spending a lot of time working at it, use a herbicide that is for pre-emergent weeds, like Preen or another garden weed preventer from your local Lawn & Garden store. When you use a pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn or garden, you stop and prevent the germination of the seeds that weeds have deposited, and will continue to deposit in your soil. This kind of herbicide will not kill the weeds that you already have growing in your lawn or any weeds that come back from a root system. Because of this before using a pre-emergent herbicide, you should thoroughly weed the area.

Preen may be used in most flower beds without worry, as well as around trees, shrubs, and inside ground cover beds. If you have potted plants and planters, Preen will work just as well for these. These herbicides are granule and should be applied before planting if you are transplanting up to two to three inch plants. If you plan to use seeds instead of transplants, seedlings need should be at least two or three inches in height before you apply a pre-emergent herbicide, else you risk damaging the seedlings with the herbicide.

Use Garden Weed Preventer with Caution

Use a garden weed preventer only with the plant types that are listed on the product label and at the recommended rate to prevent doing more harm than good to your lawn and garden. If you apply them as directed, they will keep your lawn and garden weed-free all season long. Always read and follow directions when working with chemicals and with your lawn.

A damaged lawn can be a costly problem. If you are unsure and would like the assistance of a professional, call Lawns of Texas at 254-424-2277 or fill out our Free Estimate form and see how we can offer you an affordable alternative to spending hours working on your lawn this summer.