We offer all of the services you need to keep your lawn looking lush, green, and healthy all year long. Be the envy of your neighbors, not just for the beautiful lawn you have, but for the free time you will have to relax, while we take care of your lawn.


lawn maintenance
  •   Lawn Mowing Service
  •   Weed Removal Service
  •   Aeration & Top Dressing
  •   Spring & Fall Cleanup


  •   Custom Landscape Design
  •   Landscape Installation
  •   Seasonal Flower Service
  •   Bush & Tree Trimming Service
  •   Organic Services
  •   Retaining Walls
  •   Hydromulching


  •   Custom Lawn Fertilization – We customize a plan for your needs, not ours!
  •   Turf Management Programs – Choose one of our custom programs: Ultimate Turf Program, Premium Program, Re-Establish Program
  •   Weed Control For lawns, beds & more
  •   Insect Control – For lawns, landscaped areas, shrubs and trees
  •   Lawn Disease Control
  •   Organic Fertilization
  •   Organic Weed Control
  •   Organic Pest Control


With today’s dryer climate, more and more cities are requiring irrigation water rationing.  Our services are designed to adjust current “Water Wasting” irrigation systems, into efficient “Water Conserving” irrigation systems.  Lawns of Texas does this without sacrificing the look and health of the plants.  Less Water = Less Money!

  • Irrigation Design & Installation
  •   Irrigation Inspections
  •   Irrigation Efficiency Audits
  •   Irrigation Management
  •   Central Control Management
  •   Irrigation Repairs
  •   Irrigation Winterization

If you are looking for the best lawn care company in the area, contact us for a Free Estimate and see how Lawns of Texas can turn your lawn or landscaping into the yard of your dreams. Your lawn will be the envy of your neighbors and you wont have to lift a finger.


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