About Us

Travis Clark’s Lawns of Texas is a professional company focusing on commercial and residential lawn care maintenance, custom fertilization and weed control, landscape design and installation, irrigation design and installation, retaining walls, storm water solutions and more. Lawns of Texas provides only the best service for commercial and residential properties.  As business owners and homeowners, we understand that your property is the first impression that a customer, friend or family will see when entering your property.  This is why we pride ourselves to have your property look beautiful, clean, well maintained and have a professional appearance.

Our services are as hassle free as we can make them.

Top reasons residents and companies choose Lawns of Texas for their properties:

  •   Personal Account Management – Grounds inspected by management*
  •   Online Account Management – Each customer has their own secure online account to view invoices, pay invoices, and request additional services
  •   Accountability – Upon request, we provide all dates and times of services that we have provided for your property
  •   No Voice-mail – Always speak to a live representative
  •   Fully Licensed & Insured – Company, Employees, Equipment, Vehicles and Workers Comp
  •   Legal Employees – All employees are 100% legal workers
  •   Family Owned and Operated by Baylor Alumni
  •   Professional Service and appearance of all employees
  •   Pre-Payment,  Multiple Services and Referral Discounts – We all love discounts!
  •   Accept all major credit cards and corporate credit cards
  •   Employee Discount – All employees of your business will receive 10% off their personal lawn care services provided by Lawns of Texas

Go Green! Services

  •   No more paper! – Choose to be paperless with electronic statements
  •   Ability to receive and accept estimates through email
  •   Paperless billing
  •   Credit Card Payment – Why not take advantage of your credit card points?
  •   Automatic bill payment with credit card when service is complete. No more writing        checks or remembering to pay bills
  •   Organic Services
  •   Monthly Newsletters


Are you tired of leaving voicemails for your current service and receiving a call back days later, if at all?  Speak to one of our live customer service representatives every time you call.

To provide you with added peace of mind and protection, we carry $2 million in general liability and property damage insurance and our employees are covered by workers compensation.

We proudly participate in the H2B Guest Worker Program and comply with its regulations and policies, assuring you that we employ legally documented workers on your lawn.

Give us a try by calling 254-424-2277 or by filling out our Free Estimate form.  You will be glad you did.  Once you experience our service, you will tell your friends and neighbors.  Then you will receive referral discounts.  Who else can offer such great service?

*Commercial Clients